• Free charging - brought to you by brands who care

    Volta partners with leading brands to build free
    electric car charging networks for cities across America.

    With Volta, everyone wins.

    Drivers get free charging in an open and accessible network.
    Retail property owners get a free amenity to attract desirable customers.
    Brands get a unique medium to engage with the community.

    It’s an easy turnkey solution for everyone.

    “You don’t have to use a card or anything to activate it.
    Just drive right up, plug it in, and it’s ready to go. It’s easy and quick.”

    - John Cranshaw, Fiat Owner


    Just as advertisers built the first bus shelters for cities in the 1960s, Volta partners with brands to build things that our communities need.

    But not just anything. We exist to move the future forward faster.

    Our vision is to build free electric car charging networks to improve our cities and shape the future of transportation.