Why host a station?

Volta provides EV charging stations to properties at no cost, maintained for life, and as a free amenity to attract premium clientele and tenants. Our stations are sleek and eye-catching, adding value and community engagement to previously utilitarian parking spaces. Best of all, EV drivers who use Volta’s stations spend more of their time and money at our hosts’ properties while their cars charge.

Our team has designed our stations to be as user-friendly as possible. There’s no need to enter a code or swipe a card; your customers just plug in and shop. Volta also makes the installation process easy for our hosts. Once a site is selected on your property, our installers are responsible for all electrical, structural, and masonry work. We have your stations installed as quickly as possible so you can start realizing the rewards from a grateful community of users.

How it works

Volta installs and maintains our stations, at no cost to you. We provide a free service to your visitors to attract ideal consumers to your property. Your costumers charge while they visit, eat, and shop; keeping them present and engaged on your property.

The Results

Everyone wins. EV drivers (both locals and tourists) have access to a free, no-hassle charging experience. For instance; Ala Moana now has two attractive, modern kiosks with additional advertising space-to-let, and a new avenue to address their sustainability goals - which the management greatly appreciated. Advertisers have also gained a fresh, new advertising medium to target consumers with.

The final proof of success?
Ala Moana has already requested more Volta charging stations.

“I feel compelled to give business to companies sponsoring these stations. They give me a free charge for my car, I’d like to return the favor.”

- Erin Stainer, Customer

“Ala Moana Center is thrilled about our partnership with Volta and the installation of the EV charging stations. As more drivers begin to make the switch to electric vehicles, we want to support their efforts by providing a place for them to recharge while they shop."

- Francis Cofran, GM, Ala Moana Center

“On several occasions we’ve detoured to the mall, had lunch and shopped. All because of the free charging station.”

- Lynn Miller, Customer